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If you are interested in fly fishing for grayling and brown trout, wine and cooking, ecology and entomology as I am this is the site for you. It also contains excerpts from my own written material (from books and magazines).

OK - I admit - I do like cooking, and wines to go with the food I cook.... So there are also some links to websites with wine.... After all Im a member of a small and exclusive group called "Good Life AND Fly Fishing Team"....

I hope that you can live with the fact that I have written my page in English (simply because almost all the people visiting "the Net" read English!) and at the same time some of the material is in Swedish (because it was originally written in Swedish and I haven´t had the time to translate the texts!).

Page(s) last revised March , 2007.

Responsible fly fishing brings us all a brighter future !

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